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There’s nothing more engaging than a beautiful, confident smile. In the last 15 - 20 years, cosmetic dentistry has improved by leaps and bounds. Teeth whitening, tooth-colored bonding, high-end porcelain veneers and crowns…the options available in the 21st century are virtually limitless. We team with some of the best dental labs in the country, and we would love the opportunity to provide you with that smile enhancement you’ve been dreaming about.

Will You Need a Crown?

A crown may be necessary to save worn-down or broken teeth, or protect a tooth that just had a root canal. Many times a simple filling will not adequately restore the compromised tooth. A crown will strengthen and protect the tooth in a way a filling can’t. When most people hear the word “crown,” they think of gold. Although gold crowns are STILL one of the best restorations we can do in dentistry (I have one myself), 99% of the crowns we provide are all-porcelain and blend in very well with the surrounding teeth. The vast majority of the time, they’re undetectable. Those “black lines around the gums” are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Canfield OH - Cosmetic DentistryKöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System – The Next Evolution in Teeth Whitening

KOR Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist Canfield OHYou may have been disappointed in the past with teeth whitening procedures; they just didn’t produce the results you hoped for. We are very pleased to offer our patients a new whitening treatment called KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching. Even if your teeth have been stained by taking the antibiotic tetracycline, you can still achieve fantastic results…at a fraction of the cost of veneers. You will simply be amazed when you see what KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching can do for you!

We also make custom whitening trays in our own lab. You complete the procedure at home with the instructions and supplies we provide. It is a safe and proven technique that will give you results within one to two weeks.

Beautiful Smiles Without Shots or Drilling

Snap-On Smile Dentist Canfield OHPerhaps you’re not ready for a permanent cosmetic makeover with veneers or another procedure. Dr. Weibling is pleased to provide an alternative with the Snap-On Smile™. This is an appliance that will fit over your teeth with no adhesives, drilling, shots, or tooth preparation. It is an affordable, temporary solution that can last for years. Common applications include acting as a temporary tooth during implant healing, as well as that “quick fix” for an upcoming important event, such as a wedding.

Do You Still Do Silver Fillings?

White Dental Fillings Dentist Canfield OHFor many years, the standard filling material was the silver-mercury amalgam. Although there’s still a place for it and many practices still use it, 99% of the fillings we do are tooth-colored composites. These restorations bond tightly to the tooth and blend in seamlessly with your smile. Most patients don’t like amalgam (silver) fillings, because as the material ages, it can become very noticeable and unattractive. Tooth-colored fillings will preserve your teeth without compromising your smile’s appearance.

Dental Implant Dentistry Canfield OHDental Implants – The Perfect Solution for
Missing Teeth

Are you self-conscious because of missing teeth? We have your solution with dental implants! They will restore your smile with natural-looking, custom-created restorations. After an oral surgeon implants a titanium post, Dr. Weibling will place a durable, tooth-like restoration. Once completed, dental implants look and function like your natural teeth. There is no better option to replace missing teeth, and implants are universally considered the standard of care.

The All-on-4™ Implant Procedure: A Game-Changer in the Field of Dentistry

The All-on-4 implant procedure (also known as "Teeth-In-A-Day") has revolutionized the way dentists treat patients who are missing all their teeth. It allows us to potentially bypass numerous hurdles associated with more traditional treatment methods, such as loose-fitting temporary dentures and sinus surgery. In the vast majority of cases, patients will have a functional, secured temporary prosthesis attached to their implants within 1–3 days. After a short healing period, a beautiful and durable permanent prosthesis will be made. The dental community couldn't be more excited to have this option available. Call to schedule a consultation, and let’s find out if you’re a candidate for this remarkable procedure.

Overdentures – The Answer for Slipping DenturesImplant Secured Dentures Canfield OH

Do you become frustrated with your dentures that slip, wander, or tilt? With overdentures, dentures can be secured to implants to significantly reduce movement and greatly increase chewing function. Finally, you can start eating all those foods you love, foods traditional dentures won’t allow for. Our competent team will give you the best fit and a natural look. Your overdentures will let you feel confident whether eating, speaking, or laughing, and of course, they will make you want to smile!

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